Assistive Technology Day 2

March 4, 2011

Here are the pictures from our last session


  • Welcome
  • What is your AT assessment model?
Here's What?
So what?
Now What?
Ongoing informal assessment and will refer to Cuyahoga DD team for a formal eval
Involve people who you need as resources (OT/PT), weekly team meetings with all adults involved with the child
Use Ziggurat model for planning for autism related needs and will lead to identifying needs for assistive technology - have incorporated WATI as part of process, typically for communication needs
No process program wide, meet with team members on an as needed basis
May depend on the district child is from
Lack of capacity in district to do assessment/evaluation
SST/SERRC used to be available to do more consultation but not in our scope of work
Contract with Akron U Speech and Hearing for evaluations for AAC
AAC device manufacturers do demos of devices, let the child try and see if it may be appropriate
There may be a process and people to support but not clearly communicated
Use the supplemental "Permission ro Review" form
It may take a long time to meet the child's needs
Assessment may not have been complete enough to address all of child's needs
Child may not have had access
Need to look at other options other than just what available or what we know
make sure to include receptive/expressive skills/potential not just focus on their physical
Use of a tool such as the WATI may be a "leveler" or a great discussion tool for contentiontious situations to get everyone talking the same language
Maybe we need to develop a more formal process
Check for other resources in the community for assessments
Develop a list of what we have and where it is (inventory) and how we use it and what to do next (resources, websites, people)
Inventory (use Google Docs, or a wiki!)
Use the WATI with our team
Need to be the gatekeeper of the process but have people available who know the specific "stuff"

  • Chapter 4 in the book - Jigsaw activity
    • Read
    • Discuss
  • How do you take your WATI information and use it to plan next steps?
    • Student
    • Environment
    • Tasks
    • Features of Tools

Resources for today

Assistive Technology Planning form

Assistive Technology Planning form (old version of Word .doc)
Thinking About Features form

Links Mentioned Today

Ziggurat Model