Assistive Technology Day 3

March 18, 2011

Cliff Notes - Assistive Technology for Young Children Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Where can you learn about AT tools?

Networks and Communities

  • Augmentative Communication On-Line User's Group (ACOLUG)
  • The QIAT listserv is a community of assistive technology practitioners who are fantastic at answering questions and sharing resources
  • Diigo is a free social bookmarking site. On Diigo there are several groups focused on assistive technology that would be good to join:
    • AT in SPED
    • Ocalinetwork
    • Special Education Technology Integration

Assistive Technology Blogs

Tutorials, How-Tos, Webinars, Online Learning


Vendor sites

Events and Conferences

Good blog posts about the iPad and reading

Resources related to apps

  • FreeAppAlert - check in with this site to find apps that are now free
  • AppMiner - an app that you download then you can browse apps that have become free or reduced in price

PowerPoint Activities