Technology for ALL Children

January 15, 2010

Pre-Session Activities

Part 1 - If you did not get a chance to finish these activities before the last session, do these first!

  1. Take the Technology Inventory Survey by clicking on this link Remember, if you did this already, don't do it again!
  2. Go to your personal wiki page and answer the two questions that are there.(You get to your page by first clicking on "Participant Pages" in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen)
  3. Post your Vision Statement on your personal wiki page

Part 2

  1. Post your answer to this question on your Participant Page: How are you currently engaging students through the use of technology?
  2. Read the following article - "What Should a Preschooler Know About Technology?"
  3. Practice using your digital camera and your Flip video camera
  4. Come to the January 15th session prepared to share, bring examples, post links to this wiki!
  5. Skype - install on your laptop before you come, set up your Skype account if you can. You can download Skype from here.

Website Exploration Activity

Directions: Both Region 3 and Region 8 will split into seven groups, explore the assigned websites and answer the guiding questions via the discussion page.
  1. With your assigned group (1 through 7), explore the two websites (links are below). Keep in mind the Guiding Questions as you explore.
  2. To answer the questions pertaining to both the websites, go to the top of this page and click on the "Discussion" tab. Find the discussion for your group and click on it. This will allow you to reply to the discussion by answering the Guiding Questions for both websites. When you have completed your group's answers, click the "Reply" button. This will submit your answers to the threaded discussion.
  3. Lastly, your group and the same group at the other site will connect and discuss the answers through SKYPE. See the SKYPE contacts below for each group so you know who to call at the other site.

Guiding questions

  • How does the website address Representation, Expression, Engagement?
  • What are children learning from this website?
  • What skills do children need to use this website?
  • How could you use this site with children of varying developmental levels?
  • Is the website appropriate for young children (i.e., are there ads flashing)
  • How could you as a teacher use this site as a resource?

Group 1 (8 Barb barb_kovach, 3 - )
Quilt Crafts

Group 2 (8 - blchapman2 , 3 - slpsalomon1)
Jackson Pollock

Group 3 (8 - skhirko, 3 - bobbyjzzz)
Speaking of Speech Materials Page

Group 4 (8 - Cyndy cynthia.desantis, 3 - sandy.ryan02)

Group 5 (8 - Jen mrsjensmith, 3 - jeepers636)
Learning to Read

Group 6 (8 -Carla carla.keller12, 3 - arnisharogers)
Jefferson Parish Public Schools

Group 7 (8 - necole.ast )
Dr. Jean
Pinky Dinky Doo

Here is a link to Patti's wiki where there are some links to images and sounds, as well as, a bunch of PowerPoint templates for stories
A link to another page of Patti's wiki with some more templates

UDL Links

NECTAC is the national early childhood technical assistance center supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs. NECTAC serves all 50 states and 10 jurisdictions with an array of services and supports to improve service systems and outcomes for infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children with special needs and their families. This UDL link provides many other links to online books, tool kits, articles and National Centers related to Universal Design for Learning.

CAST is a nonprofit research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through Universal Design for Learning. Founded in 1984 as the Center for Applied Special Technology, CAST has earned international recognition for its innovative contributions to educational products, classroom practices, and policies. Its staff includes specialists in education research and policy, neuropsychology, clinical/school psychology, technology, engineering, curriculum development, K-12 professional development, and more.

Cast YouTube Channel A YouTube Channel that provides videos on UDL.

Online stories and activities

The Tar Heel Reader is a collection of accessible stories that you can use and add to
Pinky Dinky Doosite has some nice story building activities
Lil' Fingers has simple online stories- some have audio and some don't
I haven't tried this one, but Grandparent Games (a subscription service with a free trial) will let grandparents play online games with their granchild across the Internet
Scholastic has Clifford storybooks that can be read online
BeanTime stories has online stories but they aren't read aloud
The Story Place Preschool Library has a number of online stories and related on and offline activities
CBeebies from the BBC has a large number of online stories and activities
Sheppard Software has color, number, alphabet and animal games
Prongo has a few online activities for learning to use the mouse targeting ages 3-6
Kneebouncers has very basic "press any key to play" games
Hiyah has simple programs that can be downloaded or played online
Alphabet Antics is a wiki site with a variety of alphabet related activities. Teachers can contribute activities also.
Nick Jr. has online games related to their TV shows
Learning to Readwhere children build a love for reading and adults enjoy the journey
StarFall quick literacy activities online
Building Mouse Skills
Brownie Bear Puzzle
Make a Face

Art Experiences

Jackson Pollock.paint like the artist
The Art Zone interactive art to create online
Surreal Paintercreate art like Piccaso and Dali
Art Activities and Experiences
Kaleidoscope Maker
Litebrite Online!
Clay Studio
Quilt Crafts

Sites with programs to download

Priory Woods School has a number of single switch activities to download has software that can be downloaded on Windows machines or played online on PC or Mac

Printable Story Props

KizClubhas color and black and white props to print for a small selection of common stories. They also have printable for nursery rhymes. There are even books that can be read online and printed out.
Dr. Jean has some great printable story and song activities


At these sites you can find pictures to download and use in PowerPoint or custom stories and activities

Pics4Learning - copyright friendly images for education
Discovery Education Clipart Gallery
Wikimedia Commons - database of user submitted images that can be freely used - online photo gallery
Free Clipart Pics! - small selection but good graphics
Kaboose - free clipart
Fundraw - clipart gallery
The Internet Archive - All Kinds of Image, Movie, Sound and Music Resources

Music and Sounds

At these sites you can find music and sounds to download and use in PowerPoint or custom stories and activities - has children's songs as well as sounds, etc.
Find Sounds lets you search the web for specific sounds
PodSafe Audio - music that you can use in your creations

Online Video Sites for Children and Teachers

TotLOL - need to sign up for free account to get in
WGBH Sandbox - video clips to download
Whyzz...answers for all of the "why" questions children ask with activities to allow them to experience the answers.

Here are links to Boardmaker resources or resources that have been created using Boardmaker

Project Participate - You will need Boardmaker to use these files.
Baltimore City Public Schools website has communication boards created Boardmaker designed to support interaction and reading of over 700 books. You need to have Boardmaker to use these files.
Do2Learn has black and white picture cards that you can print out and use.
The Speaking of Speech Materials Page has a large number of communication board and curriculum materials in .pdf format that you can just print out and use.
Miami-Dade Pre-K Program has downloads of Boardmaker communication boards, stories, schedules and routines. You need Boardmaker for these.
New York City Department of Education, Special Education District 75 has a large number of adapted books, some in Boardmaker format, some in .pdf.
Tinsnips has a variety of materials some of which are free and some of which are available for a fee many of which have designed for use with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Autism4teachers has a variety of resources that you can print out and use.
Jefferson Parish Public Schools site has adapted stories, communication boards, recipes, Bingo boards and more in Boardmaker format and .pdf.
The Orange County Schools Assistive Tech Team has posted a number of resources in Boardmaker format.
The Grant Wood Area Education Agency has a large number of adapted storybook overlays on their site. You need Boardmaker to open these.
Picture SET is a database of communication overlays from SET-BC in Boardmaker and .pdf format that have been created using Boardmaker.
Dr. Cathy Binger has some communication boards to support children's storybooks on her website.

Region 2 has a variety of Boardmaker activities
Polk County Public Schools Boardmaker activities

Boardmaker Tutorials

Tutorials from SET-BC
There are a variety of tutorials on the Mayer-Johnson site
Mayer-Johnson also offers free webinarson using Boardmaker
This wiki contains a large variety of tutorials is a website created by David Sindry. It has a great mural available for download every month as well as his "On the Farm" mural with farm animals and people to download. D. S. also tells you how to use his materials.