Vision:My vision for our preschoolers would be to enhance and expand their learning using technology. The importance of making technology meaningful and fun for the kids would be a priority. This will allow them to engage in a new way of learning math, letter recognition, sounds and much more.

My favorite personal/professional use of technology

One of my favorite personal use of technology is when I'm shopping. I often want to show my husband something in the store that I want to purchase and want his opinion on, I can simply take a picture and send it to him :0). My favorite professional use of technology is when we can capture video and pictures of the kids to show parents how their kids are learning and how productive they are.

The most frustrating ting about technology is when it does not work also the different terms of technology can be overwhelming also.

How are you currently engaging students through the use of technology?
Since our last session Sandy and I have pt the kids on the computer more than before. The kids really enjoy the star fall and knee bouncer websites. On these websites we find that the kids are more interested in learning sounds, letters, shapes, and colors. I took pictures of the kids while they were doing projects with Sandy and they really seem to enjoy taking the photos. I used the different photos to create a winter bulletin board. This bulletin board allows our kids and staff see what we do in our preschool room and the kids love seeing themselves on the board :0). Sandy came up with the idea to purchase calendars and I made them into activity books for matching. The kids were really excited to name and match the animals in the pictures. We also used the flip camera to record for documentation on our kids progress. It was really nice to see the kids act as teachers at circe time :0) We have ben playing Jean CDs to help promote socialization, laughter, and gross motor which helps personality and character.


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