Use of Technology to Support Individual Learners

January 28, 2011


Overview of topics for the rest of this year:
  • 1/28 at SST3 - Touch base on technology applications for ALL children, begin the discussion of assistive technology assessment
  • 3/4 at SST3 (in the ESC building Room 210) or 8 - Planning for assistive technology trials and implementation - How do you take your assessment information and use it to plan next steps?
  • 3/18 at SST8 - Tools and resources for access

Digital Gallery Walk

Proactive Conditions for Learning

Proactive Conditions for Learning Document

What is Assistive Technology?

Click this link to open the Google Spreadsheet for the assistive technology definitions


Required Action Before Next Session:

1) Please e-mail your completed When to Consider Solutions to Meet Individual Student Needs to the following individuals by Feburary 11 to:

2) Complete your WATI assessment and bring with you to the session

3) Complete the blue Assistive Technology Planning Form