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My favorite personal/professional use of technology varies with the situation. Personally, I love to download podcasts for later use. Professionally, it's providing new opportunities for others to learn how to use technology --- we just got our smartboard so can't wait to see what happens!
Thanks for posting your picture!

The most frustrating aspect of using "technology" is not being able to afford it for all the classrooms (and the fact that as soon as I learn something, it becomes almost obsolete)!

Vision Statement: To provide opportunities for students and teachers to learn and grow through new experiences -- in the classroom, on the computer, or working together - with or without technology. To include technology will open the door to new teaching and learning experiences for everyone.

HI Barb! This is Greta (one of the presenters of this series). I will be reading your personal pages throughout and providing support as needed. You can always ask questions for me on your personal page or mine. Thanks for responding to these questions in a timely fashion and for including your vision statement. I am so excitied about your Smartboard. Hopefully we can collaborate together since my preschool has one too! I am just getting into podcasts and I agree that it is a valueable learning tool. The cost of technology is expensive. We are planning to share some free downloads that will help our teaching and ways to get funding in the future.

Action Plan
How far have I come? Having more conversations about technology with staff. Trainings on smartboard and ELS. Taught powerpoint to 2 staff members who have taught others
Am I challenging myself to learn about technologies that are out of my comfort zone? Yes. Am also working to remove the "threatening" feeling of technology to staff. Need to get it into students' hands.
What has been successful? Teaching teachers who have taught others. Staff is learning they CAN do it.
As I reflect on my practices using technology, I realize I need to . . . ask how staff they could incorporate technology into lessons on a regular basis. Also, offer after school/ lunch lessons on different programs and ways to use tech in school.
My goals for next year are to continue to build staff skills. We are hoping to get smartboards into each room so more training will be essential!