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My favorite personal/professional use of technology

I am not very advanced in the area of technology, so at this point I can't say I have "favorite", but there are parts of technology I like to use. I like the "smart boards" because there is so much you can do with it. I like to use the digital camera to import my students' pictures for a variety of activities. I started to use power point to create slide shows, which I also like to do.

The most frustrating aspect of using "technology"

One aspect I find frustrating is that our school district supports "technology", but does not provide workshops on how to use various parts of technology, were kind of on our own to do that. A second aspect I find frustrating is when there is an error with using technology, I do not always know what to do to correct it, which I know a part of it is learning by "playing around". The third aspect of technology I find frustration that I hear of all these great ways to use technology within the classroom, but it does not seem like there is any focus toward "preschool", it is all geared toward the primary grades. I do not have any problems adjusting technology for my preschool students, but it would be nice to have workshops where the focus is preschool, which is why I am excited about attending this series. I appreciate all of you providing this series, and look forward to learning a lot!!!!!

How are you engaging students through the use of technology:
I honestly have to say not as much as I would like to. We have computers in our classroom that the students use to complete activities relating to different websites. We go to the computer lab two days out of the month (once every other week) to do activities on the "smart board". I would like to develop more knowledge in this area, to create activities in which the students use technology, to make/create some type of project by the end of the activity. I am not sure how to create activities because the diversity of working with preschool children based both on their age and being a "special education" classroom.

Vision Statement:
I want to be able to provide instruction of concepts using technology. I want to develop the ability to provide instruction by using new applications across all school environments. I want to increase the amount of literacy activities using technology to do it.

Assignment: 2-5-10
1. Think about the materials you created/used or the ways that you used your camera or Flip:
  • What was your objective for this activity?
  • How did you plan to monitor/assess children's learning?
  • How did you incorporate UDL principles into this?
    • How did you represent the ideas/concepts/skills in different ways?
    • What options did children have for expression?
    • In what types of ways were children engaged?
  • What behaviors did you observe to let you know that your children were engaged?

2. What websites that we explored at our last session did you use?
  • How did they fit into your lesson plan?
  • How did your children respond?
  • What types of materials did you download and use?