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My favorite personal/professional use of technology

I tend to have bad luck with technology, so i have learned to refrain from buying anything expensive. However, I use my camera on a daily (hourly??) basis for a variety of things both personal and at work. (Also, our new blu-ray player with the wireless NetFlix and Pandora features is pretty cool, too!!)

The most frustrating aspect of using "technology"

its expensive and is difficult to keep up to date b/c of that fact.

Vision Statement:
I can't remember what I posted the first time. =( However, I had a few notes jotted down from last week.
I'd like to see the children in our classroom become more independent using technology and us teachers having more of a guidance role. I'd like to feel more comfortable using this new technology on an "everyday" basis. I'd also like to share the technology with the families outside of school.

Goals until the next time:
We have been working on a classroom newspaper and we have begun to use some of the technology in creating this. I'd like to continue using this technology as well as the new ideas we've learned this week to help "produce" the paper in a variety of forms.

How I am engaging students through the use of technology:
Since the last time we met, our classroom has used our new "toys" and our computers in a variety of ways. For one thing, The day before I left to present in Washington DC, I showed the kids maps and books and we talked about where i was going. That night, I had Sean video tape me talking to the kids about where i was going and showed them where the books would be if they wanted to look at them while i was gone. When we were in DC, Barb and I used the Flip Video to record the "Sounds of the City" as we walked around ChinaTown and showed the kids what we were doing. Before our presentation (and after for another class) we Skyped with the kids as they were in school. When we came back to Ohio, we shared the video with the kids of our adventures in DC!

We have also filmed the children having a fashion show.

We have also video taped one of our readers reading books and the other children will play the video, go get the book he was reading, and try to follow along with him.

Book Study
Chapter 1 Photography for Collecting and Analyzing Data

  • What were the big ideas presented in the chapter?
    Using photography to document change over time, sequencing, to illustrate cause and effect, to identify parts of a whole, and to classify.
  • What were one or two strategies/tips presented in the chapter that you think everyone should be aware of?
    Let all children get their hands on a camera, teach basic skills, but them learn by doing. Use games and fun for learning, and design field trips for inquiry.
  • Take one idea shared in the chapter you read and try it out in your classroom before next week. Please bring the copies or examples of what you or the children created.