1. I have been using the camera for a home visit book. The three year old children will be creating a book about their day in preschool with a picture of themselves in each activity.
The four year olds will be creating a book about our special activities, halloween, thanksgiving, field trips, etc. with their picture at each activity.
The flip camera I have used as a teaching tool for the high school students. They have reacted in a shocked manner. They do not see all of the issues of the preschool room, until they see it on a "movie". It has been wonderful in managing high school student behavior.

2. I have not explored any websites as I do not have internet access in the preschool room.
I like all the different ways you used the tools! Greta
Currently I am engaging children in technology by taking alot of pictures, putting in book, putting pictures on a disc for an interactive game on the computer. And the flip video I have used as a teaching tool for the high school students in the preschool.
: keller@mcjvs.org

My favorite personal/professional use of technology

My favorite use personal use of technology is e-mail. I have several friends out of state that I keep in touch with through e-mail. My favorite professional use of technology is the preschool pictures.

The most frustrating aspect of using "technology"

My most frustrating aspect of using technology is making a preschool movie for the end of the year. And finding music for my almost teenage son's mp3 player.

Hi Carl‚Äča, this is Greta Powell (one of the presenters for this project). I will be reading your personal page throughout and giving as much support as needed. If you have any questions for me, you can post it here or on my personal page. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences! You can also write on the other presenters' pages if you have questions for them too.

My VISION Statement: At the end of this series, I hope to be more comfortable with my frustrating aspects. Have internet access in the preschool class. And receive funds for updated computers in the classroom, so I can have the access needed for the children to use the computers more effectively.

I think that's a great vision statement. Hopefully we can provide you with some support and tools to make the goals happen. Greta