Chapter 5 - Assistive Technology and Communication

Enter the important information from chapters here for a quick reference (use bullets)
  • AT should be introduced during Early Intervention
  • AT used across natural enviroments to be
  • Adults sometimes limit vocabulary use of child when AT devices are used during early communiction and language development
  • Feature Matching- matching type of tech to the child- different for each indiv child
  • ALS (Aided Lnagauge Stimulation)- expanding their vocab (using pictures, boards)
  • SAL (System for Augementaitve Language)- modeling communication with picture books (sperate books, teacher models question and answer, student answers question with their own repsonse)
Examples of AT Tools Chart (Page 78-81):
  • Gives ideas of price
  • Google Types to View
  • Hiearchy of Use (Low to High)
  • Clock Scanning, Visual Timers for Schedules
  • Recordables (gives you info on how many, how long)
  • Leveled Devices to Build on Communication (overlays)
  • Say It Sam- looks like phone, screen with icons (Palm-pocket PC)
  • Lists Features, Purpose, Examples
Case Study #1- Scott:
  • Highlights Process of using FEET forms with indivual case child
  • Walks you through Steps
    • Documenting Parents Concerns
    • How Does Child Communicate Now (Behaviors, Tantrums, Gestures)
    • Looks at Child's Strengths (Literacy- Book Activites, Music)
    • Like a KWL- Lists What we Know, What We Want to Know, Learn Part = AT Action Plan
    • Looks at Enviornments (Outlines Child's Day)
    • pg. 88 AT Action Plan- What Team will Implement and Time Frames
    • Lists Task Needed to Follow Up On (Hearing Test)
  • This particular child was going to use communication book, VOCA, and computer touch screen
  • Seemed their was gaps in explaining child's cognitive abilities, focused more on process of using forms
Case Study # 2- Jorge:
  • Born Full Term
  • Tantrums, Cries, Fusses
  • Single Home, Spanish Speaking
  • Emerging Language Stage
  • Mom wanted School to provide computer to communicate, Team need to Explain to Her lower tech options to start with first
  • Lookes at Child's Interests (Music)
  • Break Downs of Child's Use of Communication
  • Form pg 85- Breaks Down Child's Communication
    • Itentions of Child's Use of Communication
    • Possible Meaning of Communcation
    • What Adults Possible Repsonse
    • AT suggestions for Situations
  • Form Page 91 (similar to pg. 85)
    • Communication Books
  • Play-Based Assessment to Evalaute Child's Communication