Networking Session

February 5, 2010

State Support Team 8 This is a slideshow of images that were taken on our Personal Use day

Come with some digital pictures on your laptop, on a jump drive, or uploaded to a photo site (Shutterfly, Snapfish, Flickr). Please make sure you bring a digital picture of yourself as we will be adding this to the wiki. You may also want to bring pictures of classroom materials and/or pictures of students engaged in activities.

Reflection questions - The answers to these questions should be posted to your personal wiki page. This is the basis for your sharing at our networking session. Remember, this series is about personal growth and not everyone started at the same place.

  1. Think about the materials you created/used or the ways that you used your camera or Flip:
    What was your objective for this activity?
    How did you plan to monitor/assess children's learning?
    How did you incorporate UDL principles into this?
    How did you represent the ideas/concepts/skills in different ways?
    What options did children have for expression?
    In what types of ways were children engaged?
    What behaviors did you observe to let you know that your children were engaged?
  2. What websites that we explored at our last session did you use?
    How did they fit into your lesson plan?
    How did your children respond?
    What types of materials did you download and use?

Wiki review
Uploading Pictures
Uploading Documents:

Flip Video Links

Video tutorials on the Flip from the Duke Center for Instructional Technology - a place to store and share your Flip videos

Book Study Reading Reflection Questions
  • What were the big ideas presented in the chapter?
  • What were one or two strategies/tips presented in the chapter that you think everyone should be aware of?
  • Take one idea shared in the chapter you read and try it out in your classroom before next week. Please bring the copies or examples of what you or the children created.

Book Study Workgroups

Region 3

Chapter 1: Kimberly, Phyllis, and Deborah
Chapter 2: Becky, Deborah, and Arnisha
Chapter 3: Kathleen, Sandra, and Bethany
Chapter 4: Linda and Chris

Region 8

Chapter 1: Necole, Anne, Brooke, Kimberly, Cynthia, and Donna
Chapter 2: Devine, Joelle, Carla, Dana, Barbara K., and Char
Chapter 3: Sue, Megan, Lenor, Norma, Sean, and Esther
Chapter 4: Jennifer, Barb S., Miki, Linda, and Kristina