Networking Session

April 23, 2010

SCOPE Academy Preschool

Our final session of the year will be held at the Scope Academy Preschool which is located at 2141 Pickle Rd., Akron, OH 44312. The phone number is: (330) 945-5600

Key Points/Session Objectives for this series - this is what we want to see on the display/visual presentation
  • Understanding and building comfort with personal use of technology - Expand your ability to use technology in different ways (document, create materials, communicate)
  • Designing instruction that utilizes technology to support all children - Proactively planning for diversity in the classroom Intentional planning for technology use/access
  • Engineering the classroom environment with technology in mind - all children have access to developmentally appropriate activities using technology

Culminating Project - Visual presentation
Pick one of the above Session Objectives and demonstrate what you applied this year in your classroom related to that objective. What worked, what didn't, how would you change it up for next time?

Your culminating project can be...
  • a team effort, but please do at least one per classroom
  • a poster, PowerPoint, artifacts, video, VoiceThread,
  • something new (please don't just present something that you shared at a previous meeting)

As part of your project please bring some type of handout (a list of relevant websites, a template for an activity, a lesson plan, etc.) Also post this handout to your personal wiki page. Make sure that your name is on the handout so people can find your personal page.

We are going to do a Gallery Walk 'n Talk. Make sure that your poster/project can stand alone and tell the story of what you tried since everyone will be walking around looking at each other's displays. Please let us know in advance if you need power, a laptop, anything special.

Examples of culminating project topics:
  • Elements of UDL
  • Applications of the technology tools provided through the project
  • Describe the process of how you applied technology to the classroom, a specific project, etc
  • Before and After pictures/video/description of your classroom (with and without technology incorporated)
  • How you incorporated technology into your curriculum
  • How you used technology to document children's work
  • How children used technology in the classroom
  • Showcase something that you created (website, wiki, blog, tutorial) and show the process, provide tips, suggestions, how it is being used etc.

Tracy and Patti's VoiceThread about Access

Here is a link to view the VoiceThread at the VoiceThread site (and no, we weren't drinking, we'd just been in sessions non-stop from 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and we were getting a little slap happy!)